Foods Resource Bank

Foods Resource Bank

Working with your church and your community

In partnership with the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Foods Resource Bank responds to the problem of world hunger and helps hungry people know the dignity and pride of feeding themselves. When severe famine strikes a country, it tends to make headlines around the world. But did you know that every day, thousands of people are dying from a type of hunger that doesn't make the news? Chronic undernutrition...

 800 million people went to bed hungry last night. Most of them are women and children.
 Almost 200 million children under 5 years of age are underweight due to lack of food.
 One child dies every seven seconds from hunger-related causes.

Source: World Food Program

The world's need is real and urgent.

No individual or program can end world hunger, but when Christians learn about the issues and know how to respond effectively, they can work together to make a difference.

So, how can Christians respond effectively to the problem of hunger?

The UCC and Disciples have formed relationships with Foods Resource Bank (FRB). These partnerships work together to provide food and food-growing supplies to people in need. You can join this important ministry by supporting a local growing project sponsored by your church, land-owners, farmers and agri-business people.

How it works

A growing project is a process. First, land is donated or rented for a year. Local farmers then plant and harvest a crop, which will be contributed to FRB.

Agri-businesses support the project by extending favorable prices for, or donations of, agricultural inputs like seed and fertilizer. Individuals, churches, and communities also get involved by providing resources to cover costs in excess of donations.

After a crop is harvested, it is contributed to FRB. Then, instead of paying high shipping costs to send food supplies to hungry people around the world, FRB sells the original crops and uses the funds to provide seeds, tools, training, and other resources to affected areas. This maximizes our ability to respond to hunger.

How do the Disciples and UCC respond to hunger?

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ respond to hunger through Week of Compassion (Disciples) and One Great Hour of Sharing and the Hunger Action Fund (UCC).

In situations of disaster, drought, famine and chronic hunger, WOC and OGHS provide immediate food aid and help affected communities move toward food security. Frequently, WOC and OGHS join together to support Global Ministries and Church World Service community efforts in agriculture and economic development. Week of Compassion and the UCC Hunger Action Office coordinate the efforts of members to advocate government policies that will provide food for hungry people and empower their self-development.

Disciples support hunger ministry through their annual and special support of Week of Compassion, while UCC members give annually to One Great Hour of Sharing and the Hunger Action Fund (as part of the Neighbors in Need offering) and special disaster appeals.

Through this partnership with Foods Resource Bank, Disciples and UCC members can raise new resources for the hungry while building Christian community. Right now Christians across North America are working together on FRB growing projects. Urban congregations are providing cash to rural congregations who supply land, equipment and time in "twinning" relationships. Both denominations provide matching grants. Won't you consider joining in this collaborative effort to end world hunger?

What is Foods Resource Bank?

FRB is a Christian, non-governmental humanitarian organization committed to allowing people to know the dignity and pride of feeding themselves through programs of sustainable agriculture, with enough to share, barter, or sell.

Food security is achieved "when all persons at all times have physical and economic access to enough food to provide the nutrients needed for productive, active and healthy lives."

FRB helps to achieve this goal by forming coalitions of landowners, mission-minded farmers, agricultural businesses, caring individuals, churches, and communities to provide needed food security resources through growing projects.

FRB is made up of member organizations including Christian denominations, church agencies, and faith-based hunger organizations. UCC and Disciples are members of FRB.

FRB member organizations use FRB resources to provide food, but their major focus is to supply the knowledge and materials people need to start feeding themselves.

To organize a Growing Project in your community, contact Foods Resource Bank at: for more information.


All gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing are tax deductible and 100% of designated gifts go to the designated area of response. Non-designated funds are encouraged. They allow One Great Hour of Sharing to address future hidden and forgotten emergencies around the world.

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