January 2013

OGHS Ambassadors promote the Offering and much more.

Please complete the easy registration below. Begin using all the materials on the website or that you've received in your packet. If you'd like additional resources, but can't find them, just send us a quick email.

 One Great Hour of Sharing® (OGHS) Ambassadors agree to:

  1.  Make a generous personal donation to the offering.
  2.  Ensure the OGHS offering is promoted and received in their congregation.
  3.  Share the good news of the mission made possible through the offering.  

Your leadership skills and passion for global mission will help grow the OGHS offering. 

OGHS supports mission and ministry in 138 countries including the United States. It enables the UCC to respond to disasters every 2.5 days, on average, while also supporting health, education, and agricultural initiatives 365 days every year. OGHS provides a real, tangible witness of God’s love, as resources are shared.

Samples of 2013 OGHS print resources are available in bulk by calling toll free (800) 325-7061. 

Numerous electronic resources are also available at:

The OGHS Team is eager to assist you in planning your personal OGHS Ambassador strategy.  We can provide detailed information on churches in your Conference to make contacts a breeze, along with tips for promotion, a suggested text for a letter, OGHS stationary, post cards and more. 

When we share our resources, it really does change lives!






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