The following stories are being offered for your use and enjoyment to help interpret the work of One Great Hour of Sharing.  Stories are also available yearly in our Annual Mission Report. Each story tries to answer the question of how dollars help people across a variety of communities, both near and far. 

If you are already a supporter of the offering, thank you on behalf of all the lives that have been and will be changed because of your gift. If you are considering a gift, please know that One Great Hour of Sharing, United Church of Christ uses a very small portion of each gift to administer programs--much, much smaller than other famous companies doing similar work, For more information feel free to contact our office at:


File South Sudan
The situation in South Sudan constitutes a humanitarian crisis. Over 3 million people are at acute risk of food insecurity. Despite some signs of progress along the way, nine months of peace talks have seen few tangible results.

File Darfur: 10 Years into the Conflict

File Hanging Nets to Prevent Malaria in the DRC
The United Church of Christ is part of IMA WorldHealth, not only providing treated malaria nets in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but also the personal touch of teaching people to hang it properly for optimal effectiveness.

File Ebola Epidemic

File Markets, health care, clean water and safety
One Great Hour of Sharing supports development initiatives that support women helping them to live out their dreams and earn a better living for themselves, family and community.

File One Great Hour of Sharing Plants Hope
Through OGHS, we plant seeds that provide families with hope rather than despair. Farmers can now expand home gardens to ensure they can feed their families. Through OGHS, you help families plant hope. And that smells even better than freshly brewed coffee.

File OGHS Supports Just Peace
Every day hundreds of refugees struggle across the northern border of Kenya from South Sudan. Since violence broke out in the world’s newest nation on December 15th nearly 900,000 people have been uprooted. A ceasefire in January 2014 offered hope, but violence has continued unabated. At refugee reception centers in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia people are offered shelter, food and relief after their arduous journeys to safety.

File Extravagant Welcome
Through OGHS you are present with the Republic of Congo as the Church of Christ, a partner of UCC/Disciples Global Ministries, as children experience care, receive shoes and attend school. The Church of Christ in the Congo has been extravagant in the midst of their own challenges, caring for over 275 children, providing classroom space, teachers, and materials

File Proctecting Children
OGHS-Supported Church World Service, working with others to create web-based tracking measures to greater protect victims of sex trafficking, child prostitution and child pornography.

File Recycling At South African Seminary
Inanda Seminary, a Global Ministries supported Christian school for black females in kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, recently received five new recycling stations funded by One Great Hour of Sharing.

File  The Church Stays for the Long Haul
Books were written, celebrities visited and the crisis in Darfur became international news. The United Church of Christ supported Dear Sudan and Tents of Hope, awareness and advocacy raising campaigns initiated by a UCC pastor. Countless UCC members wrote advocacy letters, and painted tents. One Great Hour of Sharing provided thousands of dollars for food, water, shelter and medical care. Unfortunately, Darfur rarely makes the news these days, though 2.7 million Sudanese remain uprooted in camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP).

File Community Centers Provide Help that heals
People living in camps in Darfur depend on humanitarian-aid agencies for all their basic needs: food, water, shelter and essential household items. But with community centers in eleven camps, ACT-Caritas is providing something more: These centers help people overcome trauma. Funds from the One Great Hour of Sharing offering and designated gifts are supporting this important ministry.

File Pigs, Pigs and more Pigs
What does One Great Hour of Sharing® have to do with pigs? Well, in 2005 One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) provided a grant to the Ikengo Agriculture and Training Center located in Ikengo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, under the direction of Mr. Celestine Engelemba.

File Sierra Leone hosts seminars on trauma awareness and recovery
Two years after the end of its brutal decade-long civil conflict, West Africa's Sierra Leone is balancing its still-fragile reconstruction and reconciliation with a persistent cry for justice—a cry many are concerned will accelerate into future recriminations. But global humanitarian agency Church World Service, supported by One Great Hour of Sharing is teaming up with West African church and civic leaders this month to avert that recurrence, by forging trauma counseling into a conflict prevention tool for the region.

File HIV/AIDS training and organization in Namibia
Global Ministries has a very positive relationship with the main ecumenical body of Namibia, the Council of Churches of Namibia (CCN), which initiated its work during anti-apartheid times when South Africa was illegally running Namibia. During this period the churches of Namibia, including the United Congregational Church, member of the Council, worked together in CCN to gain independence in 1990.

East Asia and the Pacific

File Surviving a Nuclear Disaster
Terumi Kataoka, Vice Representative of the Aizu Radiation Information Center, shared her words of thanks to everyone who provided assistance in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster in March 2011. She reports that life is going on, but the people still live with fear and anxiety.

File Kids Sell Art to Help the Children of Japan
7 year old Megan Miller encourages Church members to participate in fund-raising efforts to help the children of Japan. Touched by the news of the March 2011 earthquake, young Megan and others respond.

File Fresh Water for Tibetan People
Running water in the home or in the community leads to better sanitation and ultimately better health. The Er ia Qi Village, high in the Tibetan mountains is enjoying both.

File Educating children in Mindanoa
Mindanao, Philippines was once known as the "land of promise" because of the land's rich bounty. Despite that richness, however, the majority of the people in Mindanao are poor and living conditions are getting worse each day.

File Providing humanitarian assistance to the people of North Korea
ACT International, in which the United Church of Christ holds membership, has been providing humanitarian assistance to the people of the Democratic Republic of North Korea since the 90s, when a flood in mid-1995 devastated the country. The flood marked the beginning of a drawn-out and ongoing "emergency," in that the country simply could not cope with the natural disasters that followed.

File Donated sheep bring hope to shepherds of China's Inner Mongolia
Si Qing spends most of his days herding his goats and sheep. Like many other shepherds of Inner Mongolia (Autonomous Region), he is still recovering from the devastating snowstorms of two years ago that killed many animals and laid waste to vast tracts of grazing land.

Latin America and the Caribbean

File Oiko Credit Empowers Women

File Economic Prosperity is to Benefit Everyone
n scripture, when God’s will is being done, resources are shared and everyone befits. We see this perhaps most notably through iconic feeding stories such as manna in the wilderness, the miracle of the loaves, and the Last Supper.

File Connecting the dots between Unaccompanied Child Refugees and Mayan Women’s Micro-Credit Project in Guatemala

File Chile Earthquake Update
The April 1, 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile triggered a tsunami alert causing 972,457 people to evacuate

File Hammer, Nails, Tape-measure & Savings
Tim and Diane Fonderlin, OGHS-fully supported Global Ministries Mission Personnel serving in Haiti, help young adults through a micro-credit, micro-finance program.

File Microfinance Provides Freedom From Hunger
“Once I saw a young girl die in the hospital emergency room where I worked,” says Luis. “Her mother didn’t know how to read and write.” Shaking his head in anger, Luis continues, “And the girl just died. Her mother didn’t have any power to make any decisions for her. She felt really bad. She cried hard, and didn’t know what to do because she was dependent on her husband.”

File LAC: Indigenous Rights
The United Church of Christ provides support to South America's Gran Chaco Region, home to 25 different indigenous ethnic groups who've lived in harmony with the land for many years. Due to deforestation and other damaging effects to the land, the people there are now living in social seclusion and extreme poverty.

File OGHS Helps Maria make Breakfast
Watch this short video to see what goes into making breakfast at Maria's home and in her country. What you see may surprise you, and could inspire you in some way. Feel free to share the video.

File CONASPEH - A Story of Survival
Patrick Villier, President of the Council of National Spiritual Churches in Haiti known as CONASPEH, shares, shares the story of their rebirth following the 2010 Earthquake to the island.

File Improving Health Through Clean Water
Batey Cinco Casas, Monte Plata, Dominican Republic – In partnership with the Rotary Club Mirador in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA Dominicana) launched in December a new water project called “Saving Lives with Purified Water.”

File Food + Education = Hope in Haiti
There are many children in Haiti, but only 20 percent of them have the opportunity to attend school or learn to read and write. Parents who can barely feed their families only dream of providing their children with an education. Girls in Haiti have even less of a chance of getting an education.

File Casa Bette (Betty's House)
Casa Bette (Betty's House) in Venezuela is another example of how One Great Hour of Sharing dollars help make the lives of everyday people better.

File La Tablada Community Center
Argentina has experienced extreme economic hardship and political turmoil through the last few years. Global Ministries missionary, Jodi Bobbitt, explains, "there are a number of people living in poverty. Thousands of people roam the city looking through the garbage collecting cardboard for recycling which is the only income they have. The parks are filled with people who have lost their homes. The streets are filled with children pleading for food."

According to the U.S. Office on Colombia, one in three IDP (Internally Displaced Person) families is headed by a woman. The Wowe's Network of CEDECOL has already begun offering training workshops in many regions in Colombia. The goal is to equip women through education, economic development, human rights, development and training of skills for self-sustenance and physical safety.

Middle East and Europe

File An Update on the Displaced People of Syria

File Thousands flee to Nineveh

File Gaza

File One Great Hour of Sharing Finds Love

File OGHS Changes Lives
You change lives through One Great Hour of Sharing. In these weeks before the recommended OGHS offering date of March 30th, we would like to send you a weekly note with stories of how you have Changed Lives through OGHS during the past year. Thank you. We also invite generous 2014 participation.

File Relief Expands Reach to Syrian Refugees in Iraq
A decade ago, they fled war in Iraq to find refuge in Syria. Now, as Syria's spreading civil conflict enters its third year, Iraqi refugee families that had settled in Syrian cities such as Aleppo and Damascus are forced to flee again. The number of Syrian refugees now living in Iraq is over 175,000.

File A Place to Play
Children growing up in crowded Refugee Camps in the the Middle East rarely have a safe place to play. But thanks to gifts from One Great Hour of Sharing, The Joint Christian Committee for Social Services in Lebanon (JCC), and others, now kindergarteners can now run, play, and enjoy their new green play yard.

File Mona's Story
Being an wife, mother, and woman of limited education did not stop Mona from contributing to her families' financial stability.

File Neighbors around the World
Two of our UCC partners in Egypt – CEOSS and Bless are utilizing One Great Hour of Sharing gifts to employ a model of integrated community development whereby all members of the community are empowered to help themselves create a better life.

File All our children' launches theater project in Baghdad
BAGHDAD—An 'All Our Children' coordinator reported today on the first performance of the children's theater project in Iraq's only institute for the autistic.

File Potatoes, payback, and peace dividends in the Balkans
As the embers from the Balkans wars continue to cool down, and the region settles into a still somewhat tenuous peace, UCC/Church World Service is moving away from emergency-related work and into longer-term development projects. "We know what the risks are in creating dependence on paternalistic relief aid," said Vitali Vorona, CWS Balkans Director. "That is why we focus on assistance that empowers people and helps them generate their own resources."

File Ahli Arab Hospital mobile outreach clinic program
GAZA—Sitting cross-legged on her bed in her white shawl and black dress, a faint smile showing across her weathered face, Hadba looked quite at home while recovering from uncontrolled hypertension at the Ahli Arab Hospital earlier this week.

File Letter of thanks from Iran
Asal Habib, an Iranian girl expresses her appreciation for a health kit following the earthquake in Bam. She lost many of her relatives in the disaster and has remaining her mom, dad, an aunt and uncle.

Southern Asia

File Health in India

File OGHS Saves Lives
A group of thirty newly arrived refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Somalia and Iraq surround Crystal Zook as she coordinates a cultual orientation session.

File Mungeli Christian Hospital
Mungeli Christian Hospital and the Mungeli Ramboo School are projects under the care of Global Ministries Mission Personnel Drs. Anil and Theresa Henry.

File Growing Mushrooms for a Better Life
In India, a group of women are working together in a mushroom cultivation project that requires little space and can be done inside the house. A single woman can cultivate mushrooms and can earn an income without much strain.

File Another day to remember
About 230 people attended the celebration of the Opening of the second Nahay Children's Development Center on February 10, 2004. Students from Nahay Primary School along with children, principals, and teachers from other nearby schools came to the opening.

File Church of Bangladesh - Community Development Project
First as part of British India and then of Pakistan, the area now constituting Bangladesh suffered from chronic economic neglect. Health and welfare services in Bangladesh are limited. In 1999 the country had one physician for every 6,028 residents and one hospital bed for every 3,279 inhabitants. Much of the welfare work in the country is administered by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

File Enshallah!
Nazia and her children lived for the past several years in a refugee camp in Pakistan, where they sought refuge after her husband was killed during the Taliban "era" in Afghanistan. With the many recent changes in Afghanistan, she and her children chose to return to their home community, hoping to begin again.

United States

File We Will Speak Out
Add your voice to the Call to end Sexual and Gender Based Violence is an global movement started as the result of organizations reporting that 1 in 3 women globally will experience Sexual or Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in her lifetime, and as many as 1 in 4 American men will experience this violence as well. WeWillSpeakOut is a global coalition with a mission to work at local, national and global levels to raise awareness, care for victims, encourage law enforcement and change our culture of tolerance and inaction.

File Thank You for Your Support

File 5 P's of Welcoming Refugees
Welcoming Refugees is one of the cornerstones of the Refugee and Immigration Ministries of the United Church of Christ. Together with UCC Local Church Members, thousands of refugees have started their new lives with love and kindness.

File Helping Really Matters

File OGHS Saves Lives
A group of thirty newly arrived refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Somalia and Iraq surround Crystal Zook as she coordinates a cultual orientation session.

File OGHS Responds to Disaster
God’s amazing work in the world continues. Through One Great Hour of Sharing, you build networks of relationships that multiply this good news in ways we can only imagine. We invite you to consider your 2014 participation.

File OGHS Changes Lives
You change lives through One Great Hour of Sharing. In these weeks before the recommended OGHS offering date of March 30th, we would like to send you a weekly note with stories of how you have Changed Lives through OGHS during the past year. Thank you. We also invite generous 2014 participation.

File Generosity Knows No Age
One Great Hour of Sharing provided blankets, food, clean water, shelter and medical care for communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Generous friends such as Luke, Irene, Margaret and others joined in the response to help those impacted. The UCC's support to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts is projected to last three to five years.

File No Longer a Stranger
The Hands of Peace Summer Program continues addressing the geographic, religious and cultural diversity issues of the Israeli-Palestinian reality through the bringing together of teens from the Middle East.

File Meet Susan
Disaster Response in the United Church of Christ includes our being present with our sisters and brothers as soon as possible after a disaster strikes. We remain through the long-haul of recovery. 100% of the dollars we receive are used for disaster recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

File What Does Refugee Resettlement Mean?
The CWS model of resettlement in the U.S. is a public-private partnership, which means private citizens can actively engage in welcoming newcomers. The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program provides the initial financial support to partially cover the cost of providing refugees with basic necessities and core services during their period of resettlement and provides a pathway to citizenship. One Great Hour of Sharing supports the CWS Refugee Resettlement Initiative and many UCC Congregations have welcomed newcomers to their communities.

File Protect Life - Prevent Death
The news makes it sound like only drug cartel or traffickers cross the desert, but we see people who want to make a better life for themselves. People who simply want to put food on the table, buy medicine for sick family members, and who see their situation getting worse.

File CWS-sponsored Training helps Disaster Survivors
One Great Hour of Sharing supported Church World Service offers training to disaster survivors helping them to to take ownership of the recovery process in their community.

File Kids Sell Art to Help the Children of Japan
7 year old Megan Miller encourages Church members to participate in fund-raising efforts to help the children of Japan. Touched by the news of the March 2011 earthquake, young Megan and others respond.

File New Neighbors from Somalia
One day Sadiyo told Allie that 13 members of her family, all refugees, would be arriving in two days. They were being resettled by Community Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS) in Columbus. Sadiyo asked if Allie could help.

File A family vacation in Florida, again!
Four hurricanes hit the state of Florida in the year 2004. Recovery continues as homes are repaired and rebuilt. Volunteer work groups faithful to the needs of people impacted by these storms continue to travel to Florida.

File Relocation to Chicago for some Hurricane Survivors
Just a few weeks ago, the Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries (IRIM) office had the pleasure of handing over a set of keys to an evacuee family from Louisiana, survivors of the Gulf Coast Hurricane. The family has decided to make Chicago their new home.

File Neighbors helping neighbors
The city government of New Orleans said that "neighborhoods and neighborhood associations will be the key to revitalizing the city since it was devasted by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

File The house that faith built
By the Rev. Bryan Crousore Disaster Coordinator, Missouri Mid-South Conference United Church of Christ, National Disaster Ministry


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