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One Great Hour of Sharing Shapes Faith


The following stories are offered for your use to help interpret the work of One Great Hour of Sharing. Stories are available yearly in our Annual Mission Report. Each story tries to show how dollars help people across a variety of communities, both near and far.

To get your free copy of the Annual Mission Report contact UCC Resources at: 1-800-325-7061.


File Markets, health care, clean water and safety
One Great Hour of Sharing supports development initiatives that support women helping them to live out their dreams and earn a better living for themselves, family and community.

File One Great Hour of Sharing Plants Hope
Through OGHS, we plant seeds that provide families with hope rather than despair. Farmers can now expand home gardens to ensure they can feed their families. Through OGHS, you help families plant hope. And that smells even better than freshly brewed coffee.

File OGHS Supports Just Peace
Every day hundreds of refugees struggle across the northern border of Kenya from South Sudan. Since violence broke out in the world’s newest nation on December 15th nearly 900,000 people have been uprooted. A ceasefire in January 2014 offered hope, but violence has continued unabated. At refugee reception centers in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia people are offered shelter, food and relief after their arduous journeys to safety.

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East Asia and the Pacific

File Surviving a Nuclear Disaster
Terumi Kataoka, Vice Representative of the Aizu Radiation Information Center, shared her words of thanks to everyone who provided assistance in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant disaster in March 2011. She reports that life is going on, but the people still live with fear and anxiety.

File Kids Sell Art to Help the Children of Japan
7 year old Megan Miller encourages Church members to participate in fund-raising efforts to help the children of Japan. Touched by the news of the March 2011 earthquake, young Megan and others respond.

File Fresh Water for Tibetan People
Running water in the home or in the community leads to better sanitation and ultimately better health. The Er ia Qi Village, high in the Tibetan mountains is enjoying both.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

File Chile Earthquake Update
The April 1, 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile triggered a tsunami alert causing 972,457 people to evacuate

File Hammer, Nails, Tape-measure & Savings
Tim and Diane Fonderlin, OGHS-fully supported Global Ministries Mission Personnel serving in Haiti, help young adults through a micro-credit, micro-finance program.

File Microfinance Provides Freedom From Hunger
“Once I saw a young girl die in the hospital emergency room where I worked,” says Luis. “Her mother didn’t know how to read and write.” Shaking his head in anger, Luis continues, “And the girl just died. Her mother didn’t have any power to make any decisions for her. She felt really bad. She cried hard, and didn’t know what to do because she was dependent on her husband.”

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Middle East and Europe

File One Great Hour of Sharing Finds Love

File OGHS Changes Lives
You change lives through One Great Hour of Sharing. In these weeks before the recommended OGHS offering date of March 30th, we would like to send you a weekly note with stories of how you have Changed Lives through OGHS during the past year. Thank you. We also invite generous 2014 participation.

File Relief Expands Reach to Syrian Refugees in Iraq
A decade ago, they fled war in Iraq to find refuge in Syria. Now, as Syria's spreading civil conflict enters its third year, Iraqi refugee families that had settled in Syrian cities such as Aleppo and Damascus are forced to flee again. The number of Syrian refugees now living in Iraq is over 175,000.

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Southern Asia

File OGHS Saves Lives
A group of thirty newly arrived refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Somalia and Iraq surround Crystal Zook as she coordinates a cultual orientation session.

File Mungeli Christian Hospital
Mungeli Christian Hospital and the Mungeli Ramboo School are projects under the care of Global Ministries Mission Personnel Drs. Anil and Theresa Henry.

File Growing Mushrooms for a Better Life
In India, a group of women are working together in a mushroom cultivation project that requires little space and can be done inside the house. A single woman can cultivate mushrooms and can earn an income without much strain.

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United States

File Helping Really Matters

File OGHS Saves Lives
A group of thirty newly arrived refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Somalia and Iraq surround Crystal Zook as she coordinates a cultual orientation session.

File OGHS Responds to Disaster
God’s amazing work in the world continues. Through One Great Hour of Sharing, you build networks of relationships that multiply this good news in ways we can only imagine. We invite you to consider your 2014 participation.

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