UCC's Southern California -- Nevada Conference reaffirms support for same-gender marriage
Written by J. Bennett Guess
June 23, 2008

At its June 19-20 annual meeting, the UCC's Southern California – Nevada Conference adopted a statement reaffirming its commitment to equal marriage rights for couples regardless of gender.

"We support and endorse the efforts of churches, individuals, ad hoc groups and organizations such as Equality for All and Equality California to support the California Supreme Court's decision regarding equal marriage rights and oppose the November 2008 statewide ballot initiative question to define marriage as one man and one woman," the statement read.

More than 250 delegates and visitors attended SCNC's annual meeting. The statement was adopted by voice vote, with a few abstentions.

The resolution echoes a similarly worded 2004 resolution where the Conference first urged congregations and members to "prayerfully consider and support state and national legislation to grant equal marriage rights to couples regardless of gender and to work against a constitutional amendment to deny civil marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples."

SCNC also was a lead sponsor of the marriage equality resolution adopted by the UCC's national General Synod in 2005 in Atlanta.

On May 15, the Northern California – Nevada Conference, at its annual meeting, also adopted a resolution supporting the California Supreme Court decision to legalize same-gender marriage.


Rev. J. Bennett Guess
Executive Minister, Local Church Ministries
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