UCC leaders call for a federal budget that reflects justice and integrity
Written by Staff Reports
February 15, 2012

Leaders of the United Church of Christ today (Feb. 15) released a statement in response to the proposed 2013 budget announced by President Obama.

In the statement, the UCC’s five officers say that they believe the budget “moves the country in a positive direction.”

“As a people of faith, we must continue to call for a federal budget that reflects our values of justice and integrity,” reads the statement.

Here is the entire text of the UCC statement, signed by the Rev. Geoffrey A. Black, general minister and president; W. Mark Clark, associate general minister; the Rev. M. Linda Jaramillo, executive of Justice and Witness Ministries; the Rev. J. Bennett Guess, executive of Local Church Ministries; and the Rev. James Moos, executive of Wider Church Ministries:

“President Obama released his proposed budget for the 2013 fiscal year, which begins October 2012 and runs through Sept 2013. While we do not agree with all its provisions, we believe it moves the country in a positive direction.

“We recognize the constraints facing the nation and the President. A number of factors including the weak economy, high levels of unemployment, unfunded wars, corporate tax loopholes, and cuts in income taxes skewed to favor the wealthiest Americans have reduced tax revenues to historic lows and created a large federal budget deficit. These limit the ability of the federal government to perform its essential roles to help those in need and promote the common good. (See General Synod resolution “For the Common Good.”)

“We are grieved that in a country of great wealth, many of our nation’s households are struggling. Flawed economic policies and a political system too captured by moneyed interests have driven the growth of inequality and the decay of our nation’s industrial and economic infrastructure.

“As people of faith, we must continue to call for a federal budget that reflects our values of justice and integrity. We have a particular call to stand with the most marginalized in our society, and with all those who struggle in these difficult economic times. The Fiscal Year 2013 budget presents us with opportunity and challenge. Let us embrace a call to live together in community, sharing in the common purpose of caring for our neighbors here in the United States and around the world.”

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