New ideas about environmental justice propel the work of Pilgrim Firs
Written by Staff reports
May 8, 2012

With the assistance of more than a dozen people from around country, the United Church of Christ is taking a substantial step forward in environmental justice work, launching a new curriculum to help teach protection of the planet as a moral and spiritual issue.

 The enthusiastic group gathered April 20-22 at the UCC’s Environmental Justice Center at Pilgrim Firs, at a 'train the trainers' event, amidst lush greenery, crystal clear waters, rolling hills and snowcapped mountains.  The participants, who pledged to pilot the curriculum forward in their home communities, spent two days in Port Orchard, WA, immersing themselves in climate change and justice.

The 'Toxic Tour' became the highlight for many during the weekend immersion, as Ms. Genevieve Aguilar of Puget Sound Sage guided participants throughout Seattle ports and communities, pointing out the cumulative effects of pollution; problems that by themselves may not harm inhabitants or the planet, but together could make a lethal combination toxic and deadly to all life.  

EJC group at pier in Seattle

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