Pastoral Changes: March 2011
March 16, 2011

Alicea, David to UCC of Paradise Hills, San Diego, CA
Cerda, Gunnar to Orchard Hill UCC, Chillicothe, OH
Cooperrider, Daniel to First Congregational, Wellesley, MA                       
Davis, John P. to St. Stephen’s Episcopal, Portland, OR
Grover, Brian to First Cong., Auburn, MA
Harken, Amy L. to First Cong., Mattapoisett, MA
Johnson, Dennis to Federated UCC, Sycamore, IL
Leon, Lewis to First Cong., Highland, CA
Mereschuk, Christopher to Central St. Matthew, New Orleans, LA
Moody, Heather to First Cong., Poughkeepsie, NY
Olds, Jill to First Church UCC, Marblehead, MA
Potter, Karen to UCC of Medfield, Medfield, MA
Rolling, Catherine to Glade Church, Blacksburg, VA
Schweibert, Andrew to First Cong., Pasadena, CA
White-Kisslring, Georgia to First Cong., Boynton Beach, FL