Changes and Deaths
File Pastoral Changes February 2013

BARDOT, Bonnie INT., to North Cong., Woodbury, CT 10/1/12
BROOKS-COPE, Suzanne to St. Matthew’s UCC, Kunkletown, PA 1/27/13
BURKEY, Julia H. to First, Middletown, CT 4/7/13
CAIN-BORGMAN, Candi to Ziegel UCC, Breinigsville, PA 2/10/13
CARR, Cynthia J. to First, Unionville, CT 4/7/13
CHAPMAN, Jonathan to Cong., Westfield, CT 10/1/12
CUNLIFFE, Kathleen to First Cong., Bristol, CT 1/14/13
DAVIES, Chris S. to Wapping, South Windsor, CT 10/21/12
FISCHER, Sandra to South Cong., Granby, CT 10/21/12
GIBSON, Susan, INT., to First, Stamford, CT 12/16/12
GRAYSON, Gale E. to UCC Cong., Oxford, CT 1/1/12
HORTON, Mark to UCC, Bridgeport, CT 12/12/12 
KRISS, Patricia A. to First, Danbury, CT 12/2/12
MCARDLE, Jessica, INT., to Union, Stafford Springs, CT 11/4/12
MCCORMICK, Eleanor to United Cong., Bridgeport, CT 11/17/12
MCGOVERN, Tamara L. to South Cong., Granby, CT 12/1/12

Pastoral change information is provided by UCC Local Church Ministries.

File Clergy Deaths February 2013

Bachman, Frederick H. 2/1/2013
Golladay, Thomas L. 1/29/2013
Schmidt, Gerhard W. 1/30/2013
Chukla, Joseph 12/23/2012
Settlemyre, John W. 1/11/2013
Heisner, Conrad H. 2/1/2013
Kilsby, Mary E. 1/4/2013
Hatfield, Robert E. 2/5/2013
Trotter, Richard L. 2/5/2013
Achtemeier, Paul J. 1/28/2013
Goodwin, Susan Carol 1/11/2013
Dickerman, Susan H. 2/14/2013
Schaeffer, John F. 2/11/2013
Hengen, David J. 2/27/2013
Scott, Walter R. 2/26/2013
Krause, Philip P. 2/25/2013

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.


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