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File Pastoral Changes May/June 2012

Pastoral Changes: May 2012

Drury, Jonathan to First Cong., Falmouth, MA  8/1/2012
Macmillan, Michael A. to Faith UCC, Dunedin, FL   7/15/2012
Martowska, Judith to Smith Mills, North Dartmouth, MA  5/1/2012
Rezac, Melodie to St. John UCC, Bolivar, OH 5/17/2012
Schroeder, Lori to Zion, UCC, Owensboro, KY 4/23/2012
Smith, Gloria to Community, Encanto, AZ 5/1/2012
Smith, John M. to Valley Community, Silver City, NM 9/5/2011
Steinbrecher, Carol to Stratford St. United, West Roxbury, MA  5/29/2012
Stirling, Theresa to Cong., Scottsdale, AZ  4/12/2012
Wallace, Alberta to UCC, Yuma, AZ   4/8/2012

Pastoral Changes: June 2012

Adams, David to Grace UCC, Catawissa, PA 6/3/2012
Avant, Lyle L. to First Cong. UCC, Fairmont, MN 6/20/2012
Blaise, Ellen G. to Chaplain, Pensacola Beach, FL 3/18/2012
Brooks-Cope, Scott to Phoebe Ministries, Allentown, PA 6/10/2012
Clements, Carol to St. John’s UCC, Bluffton, OH 11/6/2011
Cook, Peter M. to First, Burlington, VT  8/27/2012
Davis, Jeffrey to St. Paul UCC, Wapakoneta, OH 6/10/2012
Farthing, Karen to First Cong., Lorain, OH  5/21/2012
Flint, Robert to First UCC, Shelby, OH  5/20/2012
Hallman, Carol to First UCC, Salisbury, NC  9/1/2012
Haskins, Robert to St. John’s/College Hill UCC, Bloomville, OH 11/13/2011
King, John D. to West Park, Cleveland, OH 5/21/2012
Nablo, Helen to Church of Pilgrimage, Plymouth, MA  8/27/2012
Pond, Wade to Faith Christian, Lima, OH 6/11/2012
Proudfoot, Elizabeth to First Cong. UCC, Sandusky, OH 1/22/2012
Sangree, Paul to First Cong., Worcester, MA 6/20/2012
Sichta, Robert to Cong. UCC, Bradenton, FL 4/22/2012
Tamilio, John to UCC, Canton, MA  9/9/2012
Weir, Todd L. to First Churches, Northampton, MA  6/20/2012
Wood, Mary to Calvin UCC, Toledo, OH  4/1/2012

Pastoral change information is provided by UCC Local Church Ministries.

File Clergy Deaths May/June/July 2012

Clergy Deaths: May 2012

Brown, Sara R., 86, 4/2/2012
Rogers, William C., 85, 3/11/2012
Schultz, Max C., 92, 4/16/2012
Shishido, Miles M., 91, 3/21/2012
Soberg, Lester L., 92, 4/21/2012
Sprunger, Meredith J., 97, 4/17/2012
Tutterrow, Curtis H., 64, 3/7/2012
Wadsworth, Leslie R., 86, 3/26/2012
Zweizig, Charles R., 76, 4/14/2012

Clergy Deaths: June 2012

Crusius, Theodore P., 88, 5/6/2012
Hess, Robert S., 84, 5/6/2012
Raeburn, Craig N., 74, 5/12/2012
Reed, Holly G., 57, 4/25/2012
Stipp, Frederick B., 81, 5/13/2012

Clergy Deaths: July 2012

Ault, Wallace V., 95, 6/1/2012
Bartholomew, Wilbur H., 85, 5/14/2012
Bates, Warren E., 79, 6/3/2012
Carrier, Gaston M., 92, 6/20/2012
Dobstaff, Harold F., 81, 6/28/2012
Hegnauer, Robert L., 97, 5/11/2012
Malchow, Russell L., 95, 5/10/2012
Newton, Joseph F., 80 5/27/2012

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.


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