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File Pastoral Changes November 2013

BIRD, Robin, First, Vernon, CT 10/13/13
KING, Virginia, Bridge Regional Minister for South Central Region, CT 10/1/13
MIZE, Charles E., Community, Glenview, IL 3/1/13
OLNEY-LOYD, Mary, Seattle, WA to Int., Church of the Holy Cross, Hilo, HI 1/15/14
PARSONS, Shepard, First, Woodbridge, CT 10/1/13
TRISTER, Marc, Int., First, Watertown, CT 10/27/13
YOST, Art, Woodmont, Milford, CT 10/10/13

Pastoral change information is provided by UCC Local Church Ministries.

File Clergy Deaths November 2013

Sanborn, Hugh W. 10/12/2013
Beckmann, William J. 10/14/2013
Duffy, Martin 10/17/2013
Eaton, David H. 10/18/2013
Bishop, J. Richard 10/18/2013
Koch, Charles A. 10/22/2013
Flannery, Clyde C. 10/25/2013
Stalfa, Frank J. 10/24/2013
Beissert, Marguerite R. 10/15/2013
Groff, Dale R. 10/25/2013
Jaberg, Eugene C. 10/25/2013

Clergy death information is provided by The Pension Boards.


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