First issue of reimagined 'StillSpeaking' now available
Written by Connie Larkman
June 3, 2013

The United Church of Christ is kicking off the fourth year of StillSpeaking magazine by listening and responding to what subscribers want. Issue seven of this award winning publication, on its way to subscribers this week, debuts a "refreshed and reimagined" magazine, retooled based on the recommendations of its readers following an extensive reader evaluation last fall.

In the September 2012 evaluation, which included a survey of current subscribers in an overall assessment of the publication as well as a review of the magazine's finances, responders found a great deal of satisfaction with the magazine's articles and photos, the look and feel of publication, and the stories it tells about UCC members. But the survey indicated a need to examine the costs of producing such a high-end product, based on the size of the readership. Expenses topped nearly $70,000 per issue in 2012.

Based on those survey results, a number of changes were made in StillSpeaking magazine, published by the UCC's Publishing, Identity and Communication (PIC) ministry. New bids from production vendors for design, printing and mailing of the magazine resulted in new vendor contracts. A review and revision of the layout of StillSpeaking magazine was done, with changes made in paper stock, binding and mailing to cut costs.

With the Spring 2013 issue, the team was able to reduce the magazine budget substantially, cutting costs by more than 70 percent -- a savings of more than $100,000 annually.

"The PIC ministry team, with the invaluable input of subscribers of StillSpeaking magazine, has been able to fulfill a promise of better stewardship without sacrificing the commitment to quality that StillSpeaking readers have come to expect," said the magazine's publisher, Ann Poston, UCC communications director. "While we have been able to substantially reduce the costs associated with publishing the magazine, we continue to produce a great looking and compelling publication that effectively shares the mission of our denomination."

Subscribers to StillSpeaking now pay $19.99 for a two-year (4 issue) subscription. Subscribe here to get your copy.


Ms. Connie N. Larkman
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