The Pension Boards celebrates a century of strength
Written by Anthony Moujaes
July 2, 2013

The strong history of the Pension Boards of the United Church of Christ was celebrated in Long Beach, Calif., as the ministry commemorated its centennial anniversary on July 1 with delegates and visitors of General Synod 2013.

"Throughout its history, the Pension Boards has exercised faithful stewardship of members' financial resources," Pension Boards CEO Michael Downs said. "Today, we honor the commitments made to more than 10,000 retired servants of the United Church of Christ -- 3,000 over the age of 85, 21 over the age of 100, and 1,400 of whom receive some form of Ministerial Assistance. As we lean into the next century, we covenant to continue our partnership in ministry, strengthening the church by providing tomorrow's leaders with the highest standards of service, access and options."

A video presentation highlighted the strength and perseverance of the Pension Boards, the seventh largest denominational pension plan in the country. Even through the Great Depression and two world wars, the organization continued to serve without missing a pension payment.

The Pension Boards, incorporated as the Annuity Fund for Congregational Ministers, will mark its 100th anniversary on April 23, 2014. During the evening plenary session, Downs was presented with a statement of commendation expressing "gratitude to the generations of Pension Boards Trustees" that have brought "meaningful financial support and confidence to the clergy and lay employees of the church."

As an affiliated ministry of the UCC, the Pension Boards offers pension, disability, health, dental, death, and survivor benefits programs. It provides lay and clergy employees of the UCC and their families with the financial security they need, throughout their active years of service and in retirement.


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