Compromise resolution created on fossil fuel divestment
Written by Micki Carter
June 30, 2013

The attempt by General Synod 2013 to influence energy companies to reconsider their dependence on fossil fuels by divestment of assets in those companies appears headed for compromise.

The original resolution, brought by the Massachusetts Conference, called for the UCC and its instrumentalities to divest itself of investments in fossil fuel companies. When Committee 6 convened Sunday morning to consider the issue, its members received copies of a substitute resolution, which the Rev. Jim Antal, Massachusetts Conference minister and the original resolution’s chief advocate, had negotiated with representatives of United Church Funds.

The substitute resolution replaced the demand for divestment with enhanced shareholder engagement, an intensive search for fossil fuel-free investment vehicles and the identification of "best in class" fossil fuel companies by General Synod 2015. By June 2018, a plan would be prepared to divest UCC funds in any fossil-fuel company, except for those identified as "best in class."

The covering statement on the substitute resolution described it as a "comprehensive and actionable response to the urgency of climate change."


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