Newest round of national appointees announced

Newest round of national appointees announced

November 13, 2014
Written by Staff Reports

Newest round of national appointees announced
Here is the list of UCC national setting staff positions announced in June.

Justice and Witness Ministries

Economic Justice
Minister for Labor Relations/Economic Justice—J. Bennett Guess

 Racial Justice
Youth and Young Adult Empowerment—Kenneth Brown

 Public Life and Social Policy
Policy Advocate—Marvin Silver
Associate for Justice and Peace Ministries—Noelle Damico

 Human Rights, Justice for Women and Transformation
Criminal Justice and Human Rights—Sala Nolan
Families, Children and Human Sexuality—Ann Hanson

Local Church Ministries

 Office of Executive Minister
Executive Associate for Business and Personnel—Richard Ogle
Program Assistant for Mission Interpretation—Rodney L. Mundy
Secretary to Exec. Min. and Assistant to the OEM—Anna Marie Tobin
Secretary to EA Finance and Program Assistant to OEM—Eleanor Ramos

 Parish Life and Leadership
Coordinator for Inclusive Ministry—Margaret Slater
Coordinator for Ministerial Authorization—Eileen O'Hickey
Coordinator for Ministerial Formation—Lynn Bujnak
Coordinator for Program Technology Support and Development—Phillip Chrysler

 Stewardship and Church Finances
Steward for Public Life—Kathryn Huey

 Worship and Education
Minister for Adults and Men's Ministries—David J. Holden
Minister for Children and Families—Carolyn Landers Pettigrew
Minister for Youth, Young Adults and the Outdoors—June E. Boutwell
Minister for Campus Ministries, Students and Middle Adults—Bruce Larson
Administrative Assistant—Charlotte Lillquist
Secretary—Gloria Otis

Minister of Evangelism for the Cornerstone Fund—Gordon Gilles
Minister for Local Church Development and Renewal—Fed Ranches
Minister for Local Church Development and Renewal—Edward Rivera-Santiago
Secretary, New Accounts & Marketing Services, Cornerstone Fund—Janice Nagel
Administrative Assistant—Manette Spencer
Loan Services Assistant—Kim Kinzer
Secretary to Local Church Building and Loan Staff—Kim Guilford

 Publications, Resource Production and Distribution
Office Manager and Assistant to the Team Leader—Estella King
Design Manager—Diana Dickson
Director of Publishing Operations/Business Manager—William Morgan
Director for Marketing and Sales Management—Michael E. Lawerence
Editorial Director, Professional and Academic Resources—George Graham
Publications: Marketing and Publicity Manager/ Professional and Academic Markets—Angela Partida
Pubs: Editorial and Production Director—Janice W. Brown
Pubs: Marketing and PR Manager/Church and Education—Elaine Shelly
Pubs: Secretary to Editorial Director, Educ. and Cong. Resources, Marketing and PR Mgr., Church and Education—Darlene Barnes
United Church of Christ Resources, Customer Service Representative—Sharon Weiss

Office of General Ministries

Receptionist—Vivian Vernon

 Common Services, Information Systems
Information Systems Specialist—Antonio Brooks
Data Systems Administrator—Julie Schmitz

 Common Services, Research
Yearbook Assistant—Marcella Alexander

 Proclamation, Identity and Communication
Manager, Video Services—Rob Lormor
Special Events Producer—Cliff Aerie
Public Relations and Marketing Manager—Ron Buford
Video Producer/Writer—Jean Robinson
Video Services Assistant—James "Ray" Reid
Web Assistant/Writer—James Izrael

 Financial Development
Administrative Assistant to the Minister and Team Leader—Maria Marlo
Associate for Financial Development (Major Gifts)—Rick Jones

 Common Financial Services
Accounts Receivable Supervisor—Mary Bendycki (temp)
Publications Accountant—Ana Lewis
Accounts Payable Processor—Nicole McElrath
Payroll Specialist - International—Gwen Solomon

 Covenantal Relations
Assistant to the General Minister and President for Ecumenical Relations—Lydia Veliko
Assistant to the General Minister and President for Governing Body Relations—Mary Ann Murray
Assistant to the General Minister and President for Hispanic Relations—Candita Bauza Mattos

Wider Church Ministries

 Global Sharing of Resources
Refugee Sponsorship—Naima Quarles Burnley

 Office of Executive Minister
Treasurer—Ann Kiernozek

 Partner Relations
East Asia/ Pacific Area Executive—Xiaoling Zhu
Southern Asia Area Executive—James Vijayakumar
Middle East/ Europe P.A.—Derek Duncan
Southern Asia P.A.—Stephanie Spencer
East Asia/ Pacific P.A.—Jeni Rose Pia

 Local Church Relationships
Local Church Relations Executive—Ana Gobledale
Secretary to Executive for Local Church Relations—Kristal Hawkins
Administrative Assistant for Southern Asia—Lisa Davis

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