Now is the Time

Now is the Time

This video shows the 50th Annniversary Celebration at General Synod in 2007!

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Download the video in Windows Media format

"Now Is the Time" is a movement in the United Church of Christ that begins a challenge to ourselves and your communities to start new congreagtions who witness to the Still Speaking God. Starting new congregations engages the whole church in Jesus Christ's call to go forth into the world with God's word of welcome, hope, faith and discipleship. New churches bring vital energy and fresh ideas to our Congregations, Associations, Conferences and National Ministries. Vital existing congregations and new church development are both necessary and complementary. New churches develop from partnerships with strong existing congregations, they also begin with well trained coaches and intentional planting. Dynamic existing congregations find vitality and missional fulfillment in new church development through congregational multiplication. Together, through the vitality of existing congregations and the increase of new congregations, the witness and work of the whole church is built up and strengthened for the glory of God.

If we wish to see the extravagant welcome of Jesus and the still speaking witness of the United Church of Christ continue to grow we will work to increase our capacity for new church development. Now is the time to develop and welcome:

  • 250 new congregations by 2011
  • Over a 15 year period more than 1600 new congregations by 2021

This strategy aims at growing our number of new congregations to 3% of our total number of congregations each year.

250 new churches in the next five years,
Over 1600 new churches by 2021

Now is the time to develop new churches in the United Church of Christ. God's Spirit is creating a new day among us and opening up new possibilities. This moment comes with an urgency and immediacy calling for our response. Contributions to the New and Renewing Churches Endowment Fund increase our capacity to start and support new churches.

Christ calls us to go forth into the world with an affirmation that 'the harvest is ready'. Indeed, the public response to The Stillspeaking Ministry and to the actions of General Synod 25 highlighted above, has shown that the harvest is ready for increased new church development in the United Church of Christ.

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