What can a conference or association do to increase new churches in the UCC?

• Study, discuss, pray and plan for new church planting.

• Develop and adopt a Comprehensive Plan for New Church Development that includes recruiting, assessing, training and coaching new church planters; congregational multiplication, and welcome of affiliating congregations.

• Adopt the Now is the Time Kairos Document Goal of increasing new church development toward goal of 3% of total conference congregations by 2021.

• Designate a Conference Staff person with responsibility and time for New Church Development

• Raise funds for new church development through: Strengthen the Church Special Offering, New Church Development funds in your Conference, and the New Church Challenge Fund.

• Become a Church Planting Conference. Plant new congregations.

• Work with other conferences in region to resource new church development. (Here is a sample "Steps for Assessmen Tool" used by the Southest Conference).


From the Illinois Conference

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