How to register for myUCC and build your profile

Registering for MyUCC

1. Go to the "MyUCC" tab on the top of the UCC’s main page. Under the tab, click "Community".
2. At the top left of the page, click "Sign Up"

If You receive an error message saying you are already in the system...

1. Go to the link suggested in the error message ( or to "Login" on the community page, which was next to "Sign Up".
2. Under "E-mail me my password", try insert your e-mail address in both the username and e-mail address. If that gives an error try entering your email only in the 'Email me my User Name' box.
3. Check your e-mail. A password, created by the system, will arrive shortly (or in the latter case, your username - return to step 2).
4. Clicking the link in the e-mail may log you in automatically. If not, find the "Login" button on the "Community" page.
5. To change your password to something easy to remember, first be logged in. Under the "MyUCC" tab, find "My Home".
6. On the left side, find "Edit login/password". It’ll be the second option in the second gray box under your picture.
7. A new window will appear. Just above "Biographical Information", click the middle option, "Change/Reset Password".  Fill out the form and don’t forget to click "Save"!

Building your profile

1. Under the myUCC tab, click "My Home". It should be the second option.
2. To add a picture of yourself, and replace the myUCC creature, click "update photo" under the current photo, on the top left of your screen. Click "Edit Photo". Click "Browse". A new screen will appear. Find the picture on your computer you’d like to use as your photo. Select the file by clicking it once (It should highlight itself, and turn blue). Click "Open". The window will close. Click "Upload File". If the image appears as it should, click "Save Image".
3. To add information about yourself:

a. If you stay on the page where you just edited your photo, look to the left. Under your new photo, find and click "Personal Info".
b. From "My Home", click "Edit Profile". It will be the fifth option from the top on the left side, under your picture.
Type into your "Headline" and "About Me" boxes and change any of the information in the fields below. Click "Save" when you are satisfied with the changes.

4. To see your profile, go to "My Home" using the myUCC tab. Click "View profile", which appears on next to your profile picture on the top left side of the screen. 


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