How to add a friend

Being friends on myUCC allows you to connect with people more easily. Rather than having to search for their profiles to send a message or leave a comment on their page, you can access their profiles from "My Home" on your own profile page.  To befriend someone on myUCC:

1. Find their profile. You can do this by going to the myUCC tab, and clicking "Find Others".
2. Through this form, you can search the members of myUCC. The more information you input, the more specific the results will be. Input information and click "search".
3. Click on the person who you’d like to befriend. It will pull up their profile.
4. On the right side of their profile page, under their picture, see the column labeled "Contact". Click "Request as Friend".
5. A window will appear. Add an optional message and click "Send Request" at the bottom of the window.
6. Another window will appear. It will confirm your message was sent. Click "close".
To accept a friend request:
1. MyUCC will notify you when someone has requested to be your friend. On your "My Home" page, a gray box will appear in the middle column saying "You Have # New Friend Request(s)". Click on the text.
2. Using the check boxes at the left of the requester’s photo, check those people whom you wish to be friends with on myUCC. Click "Accept all checked" to add the requester as a friend.
3. A pop-up will appear. If you are sure you’d like to be friends with the person/people you checked off, click "OK".
4. A screen will appear to let you know the friend requests have been accepted.  


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