How to create a group

There are two ways to start to create a group in myUCC:

1. Select "My Home" from the myUCC drop down menu, from there on the left hand side menu you will see "My Groups" and under that "Create New" - click "Create New"


2. Select "Groups" from the myUCC drop down menu, and then on that page click "Create a Group" at the top of the right hand column.


1. Select a group name, icon (you can upload a photo or grpahic to represent the group) and description. There is also an option for a website address (if the group has a separate, outside address)

2. Click "Save" button

3. This is the "Group Settings" page, here you can:

Set access level: Public - every one can see and join, Private - Everyone can see that it exists, but must be approved to join and see the contents, Hidden - Can only see if invited, can only participate if approved.

New Members: join automatically or have to be approved?

Do comments require my approval? self-explanatory

Can members upload photos? yes/no, and should they be approved before posting

Can members enter blog post? yes/no, and should they be approved before posting

Click "Continue"


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