How to guide for the myUCC online community

How to guide for the myUCC online community. Quicktime (download) videos make take some time to load depending on your connection speed. More entries coming soon!

How to register for myUCC and build your profile
How to add friends
How to create a group or private group
How to create a group or private group (quicktime)
How to create a blog and post an entry
How to upload photos
How to upload photos (quicktime)
How to add YouTube videos to myUCC (quicktime)
How to send a message to a friend (quicktime)
How to create an event (quicktime)
How to add a Twitter feed to a user or group


Basic forum moderation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who do I contact for any problems with myUCC?
A. Contact our webmaster at or just message your default friend, Chris DeComma

Q. How do I use the forums?
A. Using the forums is pretty self explanatory, however you can download a user guide here in .pdf format.

Q. I am not able to login with my chosen username, what do i do?
A. Because of the system we use there are both usernames (which are are used ONLY for logging in), and screen names - which appear next to blog posts, forum posts, comments, videos, photos, etc.). You may be trying to use your screen name instead of your username. How do you know? You can retrieve your username here by inserting the email address you registered with - near the bottom at "Email me my user name." If you do not receive an email contact our webmaster at

Q. I forgot my username or password, or both - what can I do.
A. You can retrieve your that information here by inserting various information. If you cannot retrieve the information desired contact our webmaster at

Q. My screen name is not appearing next to my blog posts, forum posts, comments, videos, photos, etc.
A. Go to Go to My Home > Edit Profile > Personal Info and scroll down to
Screen Name:**
[]Only show my screen name

and check the box next to "Only Show my Screen Name"

Q. I want to change my screen name, password or user name  - what can I do.
A. First login to the site and then go to this page:

Q. What is a Bulletin and how is it used?
A. A bulletin is a mass message that goes out to all your friends. You might use it to announce something, Like your new blog - or whatever else you might want to say to all your "friends" at one time.

Q. How do you "tag" something so it appears in the "my favorites?" What can you "tag?"
A. "Tagging" is when you apply a descriptive term to a photo, video, profile, blog (only your own blog entries can be tagged) or news item (from your Newsreader feeds). It is the act of "tagging" that subsequently causes the item to appear in "my favorites" - while this may not seem congruous, this is the way myUCC is configured.

Q. How can I display my group or personal blog posts on another website?
A. There many ways to display a list of blog posts on another website, we'll offer two ideas here. One is to convert the feed included with each blog to javascript and then use that script on the other web page, you can use this service for that: Another is to use a "widget" to generate code that can also just be copy and pasted into your site, an example is here: With either solution you will need to retrieve the address of the rss feed of your blog, you do this by going to your blog page (e.g and then looking for the "feed" button: on the lower left hand side of the page, clicking that button will give you the feed address in the top menu bar of your browser, in our example it is:

Q. Why should i create a group? 
A. When you create a group you will be able to: Send out messages to all those who have joined, Post to a group blog and allow others to do the same, Post photos to the group, Post videos to the group, Use your blog posts as a newsfeed on other websites, and that's just the start!

Updated June 3, 2009


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