Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the song book be released?
Sing! Prayer and Praise made its debut at General Synod 2009.  Both the pew edition and the piano accompaniment edition are available for purchase.

How were the songs selected?
The songs were chosen by the Praise Song Advisory Team (PSAT), the diverse group of musicians, pastors, and theologians who were charged with bringing the song book to life.  Initially, a contest was held to generate interest in the song book.  Two songs were selected as winners and all submissions moved forward for consideration by the PSAT.  Over a two year period, hundreds of songs were evaluated, both from previously published sources and new submissions.

How many songs are there? How many are new?
There are 217 songs in the collection.  A little over one hundred (100) have not been previously published.

Have changes been made to the previously published songs?
All of the songs in the collection underwent a thorough theological, musical and lyrical evaluation process.  Many of the previously published songs have revised and/or new lyrics, updated to fit expansive and inclusive language guidelines established for the project.

How did you get permission to change some "classics"?
We worked with dozens of publishers on word changes and were happy to discover that most were willing to negotiate the requested changes.  In some cases, the original words have been included in a footnote at the publisher's request.

Is this song book supposed to replace our hymnal?
No! Sing! Prayer and Praise is a supplement to whatever hymnal your church uses.  Worship music need not be separated into "traditional" and "contemporary," for it all works together for the glory of God!  The songs in Sing! Prayer and Praise will work well alongside the hymns of the church.

Can I buy just one copy of the book and photocopy it for the bulletin?
Well, you could, but you'd be breaking the law.  It is illegal to reproduce words or music in any form regardless of how innocent the intent.  Composers count on the income that they receive as royalty payments.  And publishers need to recover the expenses that creating such a song book entails. 

How about just purchasing five copies for my praise team?
That's a great start, but the goal of Sing! Prayer and Praise is to encourage congregational singing, bringing songs to churches seeking challenge and depth in their praise and worship music.  In our research, we learned that most in the congregation (and especially the musicians in the congregation) prefer having words and music in front of them. We encourage you to purchase enough copies of Sing! to sit alongside your current hymnal.

What is included in the pew edition?
The pew edition contains the melody, the lyrics, and the piano chords.

And the accompaniment edition?
The accompaniment edition contains a piano part, along with the melody line, lyrics and chord symbols. The piano arrangements will require some practice as early samples revealed that accompanists desired a bit more challenge. 

The accompaniment edition seems expensive to me.  Would you explain why?
The accompaniment edition contains over 390 double-sided pages of music in a three-ring binder.  Since new arrangements were sought for a majority of the songs, this involved substantial cost.  Individual accompaniment sheets are available online at UCC Resources for $2.00 per song.

Are their projections available?
Projections will not be available in the first phase of the project. Many of the songs have more lyrics and are more musically involved than "traditional" praise and worship music, thus it will be more practical for most congregations to have the hard copies of the songs available.  If there is sufficient interest, projections will be made available.

Can I reprint the songs with my CCLI,, or LicenSingOnline license?
In some cases, yes you can.  But, even though the song book is published by The Pilgrim Press, individual songs need to be checked against the listing on the music license websites.  Since there are over one hundred never before published songs, these will not be covered by the music licensing companies unless the composer has entered into an agreement with the license organizations.  Let's be clear, just because a license company handles The Pilgrim Press does not mean that a church is free to reprint anything published by The Pilgrim Press.  Reprint permissions are dependent on the individual song being covered, not the publisher. When in doubt, check the license website for the song title and composer, or be in touch with the customer service area for your license.  Watch for a "permissions page" coming soon!

I submitted a song and it wasn't selected. I'm upset.
Thousands of songs were evaluated for Sing! The PSAT did its best to present a balanced collection which would appeal to the theological diversity of our UCC congregations. Each submission was handled with care, evaluated theologically, musically, and lyrically at every step of the process.  Just because a song was not selected does not mean that it was not a good song.  More likely, it did not fit the collective vision for the song book.

Are songs included in other languages?
Yes. The Sing! Prayer and Praise website will provide a place for paraphrasing songs in other languages as well, based on the requests of those who are using the song book.  Paraphrases will need to be submitted to the website and then evaluated by someone fluent in the language who also possesses musical knowledge.  Again, copyright issues will restrict the use of certain songs on the website.

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