Music Sharing from UCC Composers

Music Sharing from UCC Composers

Welcome to the UCC Music Share page!  Here you will find music from UCC composers who have graciously agreed to share their music with local UCC congregations.  You are free to reprint the music for use in your local UCC church.

Please note that while these songs are freely offered, they are subject to copyright.  When you reprint music, please be sure to include the composer's information.  Generally it should be included at the bottom of the first page.  Also note "Reprinted by permission" near the copyright.  The composers retain all rights to their music, including publication rights.  You are not free to reprint the music outside of your local setting.

Many thanks to the composers who are making their music available to UCC settings free-of-charge!  (Some music is housed on external websites.)


  • Over forty years of compositions are offered by Howard Brady.  This includes about 120 songs and anthems, with a couple of cantatas included.  It's all indexed by the liturgical year and theme, with notes about some of the songs, and MIDI files for many as well.  Incredible!  Click here to go to the files, which includes the comprehensive index.  In the "Notes on the music" section you'll find contact information for Mr. Brady.  Be sure to drop him a note to let him know you're using the music.
  • David Veenstra shares "You're Welcome Here."  Available as a lead sheet and SAB arrangement.  Also we an MP3 demo and bulletin insert.  

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