UCC Musicians National Network Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is appointed by the United Church of Christ Board at the recommendation of the UCCMNN Board of Directors.

Current Members:

Term expiring April 2014:

  • Rev. Anissa Bacon
  • Ms. Sonia Morales-Matos
  • Ms. Jennifer Milton
  • Mr. Jerry Pope

Term expiring October 2014:

  • Rev. Countess Clarke Cooper
  • Dr. Barbara Hamm
  • Mr. Bryan Lohr

Ex-officio Members:

  • Chairperson and President - Rev. J. Bennett Guess, Executive Minister, Local Church Ministries, UCC
  • Secretary - Mr. Lee Foley, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Treasurer - Ms. Ann Kiernozek, Treasurer, Local Church Ministries
  • Rev. Ivy Beckwith, Minister and Team Leader, Faith Formation Team, Local Church Ministries
  • Rev. Scott  A. Ressman, Minister for Worship, Music, and Liturgical Arts, Faith Formation Team, Local Church Ministries