ONE UNITED CHURCH on a shared mission for 11 powerful days to feed the hungry and confront food-related injustice. This is MISSION: 1

Over 11 days, the United Church of Christ will gather online contributions of $111,111 DOLLARS for Neighbors in Need, offerings that will be shared for hunger-action purposes with agencies of justice and compassion throughout the United States; and $111,111 for East Africa famine relief ministries.
Each year, UCC members contribute generously to the Neighbors in Need special mission offering. This year, during the first 11 days of November, Mission: 1 will raise funds to make grants possible for  hunger-action organizations across the United States. 
Due to the devastating drought in East Africa, Mission: 1 was expanded to include a church-wide appeal for Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. The monies raised when you contribute to Mission: 1 will be equally split between NIN hunger-related ministries and East Africa famine relief ministries.

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