Mission:1 1-11-2011 to 11-11-2001 Mission:1 1-11-2011 to 11-11-2001 Mission:1 1-11-2011 to 11-11-2001
United Church of Christ, Congregational, Boxborough, Mass. is Mission :1.

The church set up a food barrel for donations, and set out to collect 1,100 healthy items during Mission:1.  Church families had also planned to collect food from neighbors during a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  Unfortunately, the Halloween Eve (Oct 30) snowstorm hit, and the hunt had to be cancelled.  The storm left almost all households in town as well as the church without power for 2-7 days.  Even so, church volunteers got to the food pantry that afternoon to sort and stack food donations, and the church was able to collect 1,100 pieces of healthy food over the three weeks from 11.1.11 to 11.13.11.  The congregation also collected $ 1,133.00 for Neighbors in Need on 11.13.11.

During worship, the children of the congregation led the letter writing to Senators Brown and Kerry and Congresswoman Tsongas, and the church sent 100 letters on Monday, Nov. 14.