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Mission: 1 News

File Tenets of Mission:1 loom large in future of Mass. UCC church
November 8, 2011
File Halloween festival scares up Mission:1 bounty for California congregation
November 7, 2011
File Fighting Hunger with Urban Gardening in Michigan
November 7, 2011
File Rock Spring UCC rocks big numbers toward Mission:1 goal
November 6, 2011
File Climate Change, Peak Oil, and Food Security
November 6, 2011
File East Africa Famine Update
November 5, 2011
File Michigan church 'goes to 11' for Mission:1
November 5, 2011
File A 'Just Harvest' in Chicago
November 4, 2011
File Somerset, Pa., church launches Mission:1 with $10,000 gift for E. Africa famine relief
November 4, 2011
File Three UCC Members help to found a Community Cafe in N.C.
November 3, 2011
File New Atlanta church dares to embrace big Mission:1 goals
November 3, 2011
File Interfaith leaders urge U.S. Senate to preserve international assistance funding
November 3, 2011
File UCC Mission:1 rallying cry: 'Get it on the bus!'
November 2, 2011
File A widow improves her family’s circumstances
November 2, 2011
File 11 Ideas for Food Donations
November 1, 2011
File Pa. pastor answers 'critics' with run in support of Mission:1
October 31, 2011
File Faith groups take on Food Stamp Challenge
October 31, 2011
File UCC youth strive to make Mission:1 a winner
October 25, 2011
File Mission:1 Conference collaborations reach out, look within
October 18, 2011
File UCC churches get creative in the name of Mission:1
October 11, 2011
File Big goal drives Florida UCC church in Mission:1 bid
October 4, 2011
File Bless! event at Old South to conclude Mission:1
October 3, 2011
File UCC churches using CROP Walk to maintain Mission:1 momentum
September 27, 2011
File Ohio UCC churches aid Mission:1 with Italian ‘Throwdown’
September 20, 2011
File UCC celebrates extravagant welcome through 'Each One Bring One Sunday' during Mission: 1
September 13, 2011


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