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Mission: 1 News

File UCC's Mission:1 money fulfilling campaign promise to fight hunger
May 8, 2012
File Washington state UCC keeps Mission:1 alive
December 22, 2011
File Oregon UCC all aboard as lofty Mission:1 goal falls by wayside
December 8, 2011
File Strong 'Foundation' helps low-income seniors build big Mission:1 contribution
December 5, 2011
File Mission:1 gets Michigan UCC church into spirit of the season –– and beyond
November 29, 2011
File Mission:1 exceeds all goals
November 28, 2011
File Mission: 1 is heard, felt in rural reaches of Washington state
November 25, 2011
File Mission:1 Neighbors in Need goal topped; E. Africa goal in reach
November 22, 2011
File Mission:1 inspires Iowa church to reach high for the holidays
November 18, 2011
File W. Virginia, NYC UCC churches surpass Mission:1 goals in resounding way
November 15, 2011
File Mission: 1 – Next Steps
November 15, 2011
File Mission:1 energizes outreach and advocacy throughout UCC
November 14, 2011
File 'Bless!' event concludes Mission:1 with worship, celebration
November 12, 2011
File Just Eating? Lessons Learned about Hunger, Food and Faith
November 11, 2011
File Cleveland UCC church, local farms nurture Mission:1 year-round
November 11, 2011
File UCC to install three national officers Sunday
November 11, 2011
File North Carolina UCC Member Advocates for Small Farmers
November 10, 2011
File South Portland UCC encourages members to 'Think and Act' for Mission:1
November 10, 2011
File Hendersonville First Congregational Church - Growing a garden and a community
November 9, 2011
File UCC churches go green in pursuit of Mission:1 food collection
November 9, 2011
File Mission:1 reach of Connecticut UCC church takes board chairperson by surprise
November 9, 2011
File Mission:1 helps Long Island's Mt. Sinai UCC continue its caring ways
November 9, 2011
File Conn. UCC church youth take plunge into Mission:1
November 8, 2011
File Pastor’s widow makes sweet Mission:1 offering
November 8, 2011
File Opinion: Lesson of the Loaves and Fishes
November 8, 2011


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