Meagan McGlover inspires GS28 workshop to health and wellness

Meagan McGlover inspires GS28 workshop to health and wellness

July 01, 2011
Written by Gregg Brekke

“Let’s talk about weight loss!”

Megan (pronounced MEE-gan) McGlover grabbed the microphone in Ballroom A and launched into her Suncoast Saturday workshop with enough energy and enthusiasm to wear out her audience before the event got started.

The petite and superbly fit African American woman, newly relocated from Southern California to Atlanta, Ga., asked how many in her largely female audience had been on a diet. When hands shot up, she asked, how many gained the weight right back? Hands stayed up.

“Why don’t we lose weight and keep it off,” she asked. “The reason is, it’s not about the diet, not even the program, but it’s about the emotional distress that comes along with weight loss.

“It’s about the patterns of behavior that we repeat throughout our lives. It’s about recognizing them and then choosing to change them.”

So how does one succeed at creating this change?

“You need to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. Maybe you were bullied when you were a kid or unpopular in high school. Whatever it is, you have emotional triggers, and you need to recognize when those triggers are tripped.

“Then you need to be honest with the people you love. Ask for help and tell them what you are trying to do and how they can support you.

“Finally, be prepared. Find out what is your thing? Are you an emotional eater? What is filling a void in you? I’m upset and I getting ready to do this, this and this.  I want to fill that void differently now.”

McGlover offered four specific steps:

  1. “Get a food journal. Tell me what you’re eating. Write down how you felt before you ate it and how you felt after you ate it. It shows patterns. It provides a visible reminder.”
  2. “Go outside! Start living outside your house. You can’t have a healthy lifestyle inside your house.  Get outside and walk, run, job, talk, move!”
  3. “Snack! Have healthy snacks on hand — baby carrots, broccoli, celery, crackers.  Keep them in a handy drawer. Live life for real.  Be prepared. Take time out for yourself and eat a small snack when you need energy.”
  4. “Make up your mind that you will not quit. There will be obstacles; there will be trials. But when you don’t give up, the other side is glorious, I promise.”

“Remember that God created us as creations who create. So create change! Imagine the possibilities!”

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