Making the Appeal

Making the Appeal

November 13, 2014
Written by Staff Reports

Older subscriber: 'Don't forget about me'

After concluding a workshop at the South Dakota Conference annual meeting in June, a woman in her 80s approached with a sincere request, "Don't forget about me."

Her concern was that United Church News — in its printed format — would disappear, due to new-placed emphasis on electronic communications.

Each month, United Church News reaches 206,000 homes. It's the largest denominational newspaper in the nation, and remains one of the UCC's most effective and reliable means of communication. It's delivered, without charge, to any church member who requests it, and nearly one-third of our households receive it.

But it's also expensive.

To the extent that United Church News will thrive in the future depends on our readers' regular contributions. It really is those $10, $25 and $100 contributions that keep this newspaper afloat.

There's a reply envelope tucked inside this and every issue. Or contribute online at <>. Have we received your voluntary gift in 2008?

The Rev. J. Bennett Guess, publisher-editor



United Church News is an expensive enterprise, made even more expensive in recent months by significant postal increases.

Here's a look at the financial breakdown:

$90,0000 =

cost of printing and mailing a single issue of United Church News to 206,000 households.

$540,000 =

cost of printing and mailing six issues annually.

$125,000 =

support from "Our Church's Wider Mission," the UCC's shared fund for connectional ministries.

$235,000 =

advertising revenue

$180,000 =

goal in 2008 for readers' contributions in order to offset cost of two issues per year.

$40,801 =

amount readers have contributed through June 15.

$139,299 =

amount needed from readers before year's end.

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