UCC e.calendar

UCC e.calendar


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    Download the entire year 2011 

2011 Edition HERE NOW!

  This add-on (Comma delimited file CSV) integrates well with Microsoft Outlook and will sync with your PDA from there.  The “e.calendar” includes daily lectionary citations from the Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings and reminders for all of the UCC special days of the year from the Desk Calendar.  It is a great tool for daily meditation reminders and sermon preparation.  

Instructions: This is the simplest way to import the file into Microsoft Outlook.   If you click on the file above and you will see a lot of (comma separated information). Since each OS is a little different you will need to do the following as your system asks you.

PC:  Please: Right Mouse Click on download link select "save target as" filename add the .csv, under the "save as type" select "all files" (this is very important or you will not be able to import the file using the following instructions):

MAC:  Currently this version does not work with MAC.

  1. Save file to computer.
  2. Go to Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  3. Click on file
  4. Click on Import and Export.
  5. Highlight Import from another program or file and click next
  6. Highlight Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click next.
  7. Click on the browse button and go to the file that you saved on your computer, click ok and make sure that the file to import path has the correct path to your file.
  8. In the options box, click on the button next to replace duplicates with items imported and click on the next button.
  9. In the select destination box make sure that Calendar located underneath your mailbox folder is highlighted and click next.
  10. The following actions will be performed box will read:  Import "Filename" into folder:  Calendar, should appear.
  11. Click finish and the file should download directly into your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.


Disclaimer: Downloading files can sometimes be problematic. Different web browsers and operating systems act differently. The instructions above may vary from system to system or may not work at all.

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