United Church of Christ

KYP: 3 Great Loves

Love of Creation
UCC churches in California march for climate care.

KYP: God’s love knows no borders

Unwavering Support
A Central American mother and her children are embraced by an Arizona church community.

KYP: Faithful Witness at the Border

No Human is Illegal
100 people of faith from four denominations, in the model of Immigrant Welcoming Congregations, are gathering at the U.S. border to forge a network of allies, to create communities that are truly welcoming.

KYP: Pray for Refugees

Protect Refugee Resettlement
The UCC calls congregations, conferences and ecumenical partners to a Week of Prayer for Refugees because of the government's still shrinking limits on the number of people allowed into this country every year.

KYP: Amplifying the UCC voice

What is OPTIC?
The Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Identity and Communication combines communications and marketing with philanthropy and stewardship to advance the UCC’s mission through integrated marketing, communications and fund development.

KYP: Collaboration, to create something new

New Insight into the Gospel
Artists and activists from across the wider church are called together in Cleveland brainstorm new resources that can equip congregations for the world we live in today.

KYP: How are the children?

Holding the Government Accountable
New York clergy, lawmakers join forces to push for accountability around care of immigrant children and hope other states follow suit.

KYP: Love of Neighbor

Hope Station
A United Church of Christ sanctuary church in Arizona is preparing a place of hospitality, support and hope on the Mexican side of the border for people who find themselves deported from the United States.

KYP: An Immigrant-Welcoming Call to Action

An Immigrant-Welcoming Call to Action
The Southwest Conference is calling all UCC congregations to critical ministry 'FOR and AT the Border.'

KYP: A vital expression of faith

Love of Neighbor
Strong in faith, supported by community, an unaccompanied minor from Guatemala flourishes in Virginia.

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