Worker Safety

Worker Safety

Safety on the Job  

In the U.S., weak protective regulations and lax enforcement, and the absence of unions in most workplaces has created an environment where worker safety can be threatened.

A recent report by the Center for Public Integrity shows that even in "model" worksites, problems exist. Also see the article, "Work-related Injuries Underreported," and the report [3.82 MB] by the Government Accountability Office.

An extensively researched article in the New York Times revealed the dangers faced by oil and gas workers in transportation accidents. Many of these accidents are due, in part, to oil field exemptions from highway safety rules.

  Read about the consequences of lax enforcement of safety standards.

Human Rights Watch reports that meatpacking and poultry workers perform the most dangerous factory jobs in the country. U.S. meat and poultry employers put workers at predictable risk of serious physical injury even though the means to avoid such injury are known and feasible.

Watch the PBS Frontline documentary on unnecessary deaths among workers on cellphone towers.

National Public Radio and the Center for Public Integrity report on the resurgence of black lung among coal miners.

The Center for Public Integrity, in a series call Hard Work, reports that farmworkers suffer from exposure to often unknown pesticides.

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