Quotes from Our Whole Lives Advocates

Quotes from Our Whole Lives Advocates

Our Whole Lives is a jewel in the crown of the United Church of Christ...it is scripturally-based, it is person-centered, it is positive, it is realistic...it is needed!

Matthew H. Nevels, 7-9 teacher
Chattanooga, Tennessee


To offer sexuality education in a congregation is to acknowledge that human sexuality is simply too important, too beautiful, and too potentially dangerous to be ignored in a religious community.

Rev Lena Breen
Boston, Massachusetts


If I had this information two years ago, I may not have made some of the choices I've already made.

A fifteen-year old student


I believe this is the most significant life-enhancing opportunity our religious communities could offer youth.

Rev. Judith Gooch
New Hampshire


To be involved with these young people in one of the most important stages of their lives is an honor that is not taken lightly.

OWL teacher and parent


When I first went to OWL class, I didn't know what to expect.  Now I know it has changed my life.  Everything I learned will help me.

Middle school student


What a gift!  Most faith communities shy away from conversations about sexuality, but ours has embraced it and made it a central part of the transition our children make into adulthood.



Don't every stop offering OWL at church.  I took it when I was in high school and I think it saved my life.  Every kid should see themselves the way OWL sees them.

College student


OWL is quickly becoming the best youth ministry in our church.  Our youth group has tripled in size - and some of their parents are now joining the church.







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Amy Johnson
Our Whole Lives Coordinator
700 Prospect Ave E
Cleveland, OH 216-736-3718