Letter to UCC Congregations

Letter to UCC Congregations


A Letter to Churches

Dear Members and Friends of United Church of Christ Congregations,


We live in a society of many cultures that is deeply conflicted about human sexuality.  The daily images and messages we receive influence how we see ourselves and how we related to others as human beings in the fullest sense.


In response to the actions of General Synod and to the needs expressed by members of the United Church of Christ congregations in surveys and personal stories, the United Church of Christ has completed life-span resources that bring the ministry of sexuality to members of all ages. 


The use of Our Whole Lives-Sexuality and Our Faith and Created in God’s Image will gives all people a profound opportunity to grow in their faith and put their values into practice.  These resources seek to nurture religious community and to provide avenues for spiritual growth, prophetic vision, and action for justice.  They promote the worth and dignity of every participant and are grounded in and intentionally expressive of our values as a faith community and tradition.


These resources help parents and guardians in their role as the primary sexuality educators of their children and create partnerships between families and the church through parent orientation and education programs.  The use of these resources provides an antidote to a culture that is saturated with mixed messages and misinformation about sexuality.


Since 2000, over 1200 United Church of Christ members have been trained as Our Whole Lives facilitators. Together with our Unitarian Universalist Association partners, over 40,000 children, youth, young adults and adults have received the life-affirming and life-saving information provided by Our Whole Lives.


We welcome and encourage churches to become involved in providing the educational and spiritual experiences these resources provide.  It may be one of the best gifts we will ever give our children, youth, young adults and adults.




Geoffrey A. Black
General Minister and President

Ann L. Hanson,
Minister for Children, Families and Human Sexuality Advocacy
Justice and Witness Ministries

Contact Info

Amy Johnson
Our Whole Lives Coordinator
700 Prospect Ave E
Cleveland, OH 216-736-3718