God is Still Speaking, about Sexuality

God is Still Speaking, about Sexuality

God is still speaking,

About sexuality

And, so are we…


“This is a ‘stunning’ ministry.”    Youth Group Leader


“We have had an overwhelming positive response from our congregation, from youth, from parents, and even people who do not attend our church.      Teacher


“I thank God every day for this program.”         Parent


“This is as good as it gets!”       Middle School Student


“Don’t ever stop teaching this, it has literally saved my life.”       College Student


“Our youth group has tripled in size.”    Pastor


“This program needs to be promoted and taught in every UCC church.”            Teacher


“It’s an awesome program which allows youth to learn about things they need to know for life – whether they use it tomorrow or in ten years, it’s information that will stay with us forever.” High School Student


Yes, God is still speaking,


Each week, in many churches, children and youth are learning about human sexuality.  Our Whole Lives – Sexuality and Our Faith, is empowering children and youth to make life-affirming and life-saving choices.  Based on the values of self worth, responsibility, sexual health, justice and inclusivity, “it is demonstrating that church can be a place where we truly can bring our whole selves, at every state of our development as human beings.”  (Rev. Melanie Oommen, First Congregational UCC, Eugene, OR)


Is your church an Our Whole Lives church?


For further information, contact:  Ann L. Hanson, Minister for Sexuality Education and Justice, hansona@ucc.org, 216.736.3718, http://www.ucc.org/justice/sexuality-education/


Contact Info

Amy Johnson
Our Whole Lives Coordinator
700 Prospect Ave E
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