Created in God's Image Adult Sexuality Program

Created in God's Image Adult Sexuality Program

Published in 1993, Created in God's Image - A Human Sexuality Program for Ministry and Mission, is a learning program written for adults.  There are ten sessions designed to last two and a half hours each. The sessions begin and end in worship. The remainder of each session is devoted to individual and group learning activities that enable people to explore the theme in a safe and structured group setting.

Created in God's Image is an innovative program for members of local churches who wish to:

explore biblical and theological understandings of sexuality

find ways that congregations can more actively address sexuality issues through its ministry and mission

explore in depth their own values, convictions, questions, and concerns about a variety of human sexuality issues

gain greater clarity about the ethical decisions people face

learn more about historical developments in the Christian tradition that have shaped the way we understand our bodies and our sexuality

recover and celebrate a theology that affirms the human body and sexuality as good

consider the cost of sexism to both men and women

examine ways that the church can be a more inclusive community that offers healing, hope and compassion

Session themes

Sexuality and the Life of the Church
Early Sexual Learning
Moral Agency and Decision-Making
Intimacy and Loneliness
Male and Female Sexuality
Identity, Wholeness and Health
Personal and Corporate Crises of Sexual Violence
Public Policy and Advocacy Concerns
Where Do We Go From Here?

Quotes from program participants

"I now have a deeper understanding of the lives of my parents and my own life and I can be a more effective listener for my young adult daughters."

"These are issues people of faith should be talking about. The class discussions were very meaningful. There were disagreements but individual stances were respected."

"Actually the whole program made me aware of a lot of things about myself that will assist my future growth."

"This is a valuable program addressing an area that really does touch us all, and one in which the church should have a voice. The worship in each session was wonderful."

About the authors

Eleanor Morrison, M.A., Litt.D., an ordained United Church of Christ minister, has served three congregations. She is Co-Director of Leaven, Inc., a non-profit corporation providing resources and education to individuals, groups, agencies, schools, and churches. Eleanor is a member of the Clergy Advisory Committee for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She taught at Michigan State University for sixteen years, in the departments of Family and Child Sciences, and Community Medicine. Later, she was Albert Palmer Visiting Professor of Ministry at Chicago Theological Seminary. She was co-founder of Counseling Associates in East Lansing, Michigan. She has been a lecturer and workshop leader in group dynamics, liturgy, spiritual development, family communications, and human sexuality. She served as a consultant to the United Church of Christ Human Sexuality Preliminary Study and is the author of five books including Creative Teaching in the Church, Growing Up in the Family, and Human Sexuality: Contemporary Perspectives. At the 1991 General Synod gathering, Eleanor was awarded the Antoinette Brown Award for outstanding service in ministry.

Melanie Morrison, M. Div., Ph.D., an ordained United Church of Christ minister, has served three congregations, two in Michigan and one in the Netherlands. She received her Doctor of Theology degree from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in 1998. She is Co-Director of Leaven, Inc., and has been active in grass roots ecumenical movements committed to racial justice and peacemaking in Southwest Georgia, Chicago, and the Netherlands. She has lectured and led workshops in biblical study, spirituality, liturgy, social justice, anti-racism training, and peace-making. She has published numerous articles in Dutch and American journals and is co-author of Verpleegkundigen en Ethiek (Nurses and Ethics).

Ordering and Cost

Participant and Leader Manuals cost $2.00 each.  For ordering information, please call the Our Whole Lives Coordinator, Amy Johnson, Justice and Witness Ministries, at 216.736.3718, or e-mail her at

Contact Info

Amy Johnson
Our Whole Lives Coordinator
700 Prospect Ave E
Cleveland, OH 216-736-3718