Adult Our Whole Lives Sexuality and Our Faith

Adult Our Whole Lives Sexuality and Our Faith

The Adult Our Whole Lives resource is accompanied by its companion book, Sexuality and Our Faith.  By using this book, participants are encouraged to apply their religious values to issues related to sexuality.  The authors of the Sexuality and Our Faith for  Adults are Rev. T. Michael Rock of Robbinsdale, MN, and Ms. Lynn Young of Colorado Springs, CO. 

Beautifully written, the Adult Sexuality and Our Faith is a valuable resource.  It begins with the UCC's sexuality education background and assumptions, and goes on to include a rich spiritual component for each of the twelve workshops in the Adult Our Whole Lives resource.

This resource, available for $8.00, comes in a 2-pocket folder and has been 3-hole punched for easy insertion into the Adult Our Whole Lives book. 

To order, call 1-800-537-3394.

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