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millennial-header2.jpgMillennials for Racial Justice is a monthly reflection of stories at the intersections of gender, race, and sexual orientation among others. This page will include social analysis, liberation strategies, strategies to dismantle white supremacy, and biblical narratives inclusive of theologies of liberation and Womanism.

Our purpose for this page is to highlight issues and concerns of Millennials, providing a platform to address the Christian Church from our lived experiences, and speak truth as we live it because we have something powerful to say.

The Millennial voices featured on this site will:

  • Critique the status quo and call the Christian church into question for its binary and traditional ways of talking about the social constructions of race and gender.
  • Analyze and critique government policies which are devastating black and brown communities
  • Provide helpful strategies for community engagement and organizing in order to address being profiled, vilified, and called out for protesting in the streets.

The Church will be a better place because Millennials are leading movements now. We are the social activists and public theologians of the Christian church.  We are equipped to change the narratives of colonial-based structures and traditions that silence and shut down a more radical engagement as to why Black Lives and LGBTQIA lives matter. We are Millennials for Racial Justice and our thoughtful expressions will provide words of healing, hope, and wholeness as the body of Christ in a troubled world.

In Pursuit of Racial Justice: Reclaiming My Time, Reclaiming My Wage

According to the National Women's Law Center's 2015 data, Black women make .67 for every dollar white men in the United States earn despite having a high percentage of advanced degrees.