Supporting Teachers

Supporting Teachers


Evaluation of Teachers is Being Prescribed by Federal Policy.  How Should Teachers Be Evaluated?

Award winning New York principal, Carol Burris, describes the way she believes teachers ought to be evaluated: The Newest Rhetoric on Teacher Evaluation—and Why It is Nonsense.

How Do Teachers Feel about the Widespread Attacks on the Profession?

Pilgrim Press has just published a new book of personal prayers for school teachers.  Title is Give Me Strength: Personal Prayers for School Teachers.  It's a wonderful book.  Check out this review.

John Merrow, PBS reporter, maintains a web page with statements from public school teachers, Why I Teach.

Worried about Scapegoating of Public School Teachers?  Check out these reflections...

  • June 20, 2013:  Daniel Denvir explains why Blaming Teachers Won't Fix Philly Schools.
  • February 12, 2012: Michael Winerip, in the NY Times, reports on wonderful teaching at PS 142 in New York City.
  • November 6, 2011:  Michael Winerip, in the NY Times, reports that Tennessee's new test-based, teacher merit evaluation program rates all teachers based on math and reading scores.  A middle school teacher of music or P.E. gets to choose whether to be evaluated on the math or reading test results, even though that teacher instructs in  neither reading or math.  Sound pretty crazy?  Check out this article.
  • Rev. Dr. Art Cribbs, pastor at the San Marino, California Congregational United Church of Christ and former executive director of the UCC Office of Communication and OC, Inc., shares this reflection on the importance to his own family of his children's public school teachers.  "What's up with all this business about slamming teachers and dumping on public education?" he asks.