2012 Chicago Teachers Strike

2012 Chicago Teachers Strike

September 27: Education Week's "Bridging Differences" blog has changed writers. NYU education sociologist Pedro Noguera has replaced Diane Ravitch. Noguera and Deborah Meier are now bridging their differences, and in this post, Meier responds to a post by Noguera about issues at the heart of the Chicago teachers' strike.

September 14, 2012: Writer Alex Kotlowitz wonders, in the context of the Chicago teachers' strike Are We Asking Too Much from Our Teachers?

September 14, 2012: Joan Barkan in Dissent describes Who Is Victimizing Chicago's Kids?

September 11, 2012: The Nation magazine features an excellent analysis of the Chicago teachers' strike: Chicago Teachers Push Back Against Neoliberal Education Reform.

September 10, 2012: Today school teachers in Chicago went out on strike because months’ of negotiations have broken down. Here is a piece by a Chicago teacher, as featured on the website of the National Education Policy Center. He explains what’s at stake from his point of view as a teacher. . It is important to remember that union contracts are not merely about salaries but also about things like class size and working conditions. All these affect the school climate that children experience each day.