2011 Justice & Witness Ministries Message on Public Education

2011 Justice & Witness Ministries Message on Public Education

At the beginning of each school year, Justice & Witness Ministries distributes a resource to lift up the urgent justice concerns in public education in the United States. 

If you are wondering how public schools are being affected by programs like Race to the Top and the other huge competitive federal stimulus programs, or if you are wondering about what we still need to do to protest the test and punish impact of the lingering No Child Left Behind Act, check out this resource. The reflection, "New Federal Public Education Policies Undermine Justice, Eliminate Democracy, and Shatter Community," is written to address your questions and connect the dots. 

A printed copy of the UCC's 2011 Message on Public Education is being sent to your church during August 2010 in the third-quarter all-church mailing.  We would be delighted if you order extra printed copies to share with school teachers in your congregation or for discussion in your Justice and Peace Committee or Adult Sunday School.  For additional copies, please do contact Jan Resseger ressegerj@ucc.org, 216-736-3711.

 Because the printed version is tabloid-sized and we are moving toward web distribution of resources, this year we have also prepared an easily downloadable and printable letter-sized 2011 Message on Public Education Web Version. You may access it on-line and forward a link to others who may be interested.

Please do e-mail or call with any lingering questions. In Justice & Witness Ministries, we are delighted to discuss such questions and concerns.