Dr. Carlos J. Correa Bernier

Dr. Carlos J. Correa Bernier

Correa Bernier is currently the Director of Centro Romero, a border ministry of Justice and Witness Ministries and the Southern California-Nevada Conference, of the United Church of Christ.

A key organizer of a significant number of environmental initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the author of many published academic articles and chapters. Correa is the former United Church of Christ Minister for Environmental Justice; Fellow of the International Water Advocates Association; a Member of the Board of Directors of the Amazon Defense Fund and a founding member of Red Vida Brazil, an environmental network dedicated to the defense of the natural resources in Amazonia and the rights of the Brazilian indigenous people.

Correa current research and studies are in the areas of historical and cultural roots of the Latin American indigenous peoples and their principles of ecological interconnectedness and spirituality and the eco-theological consequences of the European Spanish colonization of the Americas and their intersection, through migration, with the United States' (Northern European) social, economic, and cultural values and norms.

He is also de voice of Conversemos radio, a spot transmitted in 165 radio stations in Latin America and the Caribbean dedicated to promote family relational health through education.

Correa Bernier obtained a Master of Divinity, a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology with specialization in violent behaviors (family violence and sexual abuse) and is currently working toward a Ph.D. degree in eco-theology at Oxford University, U.K.   

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