Food Stamp Use

Food Stamp Use

From the Food Research and Action Center, a new report on Food Stamp Use

Over 46.3 million Americans received food stamps in February 2012, more than one in seven. (The food stamp program is now officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP.)

The number of people receiving food stamps rose by 2.1 million people over the past year and the number has more than doubled (up by over 29.4 million) since 2000.

Despite the large number of people who receive food stamps, researchers estimate that three in ten people who are eligible for food stamps do not receive them.

Despite the high use of food stamps, in 2011, nearly one in five Americans struggled with “food hardship” according to a FRAC analysis. 

Read the full report (it's updated monthly) to learn about food stamp use in each state and the ways food stamps lift people out of poverty.

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