Building a Bridge Toward a 21st Century Multi-Racial Multi-Cultural Society: 
Tearing Down Walls of Hate, Ignorance and Fear
Developing a Common Language for All to Access

Glossary of Terms and Definitions 

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Person of Color:
Used in the United States by some to designate “Blacks and Hispanics.”  For many others, this includes all non-whites.  In South America and the Caribbean, it is most used to refer to blacks.

Political Correctness:
Refers for some to efforts to “use the right words” and insist that others do so without giving clear attention to the philosophical, theological, sociological, or ethical issues which make the language or actions desirable or undesirable.  Others use the term to refer to perceived attempts to exclude or make taboo any challenges to a certain (liberal) political agenda.

Power is the key that locks the system of racism and any system of oppression in place. 

Prejudice:Prejudice is a set of negative beliefs generalized about a whole group of people.  All people hold prejudices, but only the dominant group has the power to enforce laws, establish institutions and set cultural standards that are used to dominate those who are the subject of their prejudice.  Prejudicial thinking is frequently based on stereotypes.

This list is compiled from a variety of sources by the Office of Racial Justice and Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Transformation, United Church of Christ, Cleveland Based Team, Fall 2006