The People are Many Branches, a Litany for Immigration Rights Sunday
Based on John 15:1-8
by the Rev. Persida Rivera-Mendez, Minister for Multiracial and Multicultural Transformation

Leader:         Jesus said, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower.”

People:         We the people are the many branches connected to Jesus and to one another.

L:         Jesus prunes every branch that bears no fruit.

P:         We the people acknowledge that at times we are not fruitful.

L:         Jesus prunes every branch that bears fruit.

P:         We the people understand that pruning helps us to grow deeper in Jesus love.

L:         Jesus knows our hearts and therefore knows that we need cleansing from our sinful   ways.

P:         We the people confess that we have sinned against our brothers and sisters who are immigrants.

L:         Jesus loves all people and does not make exceptions, for there is no such thing as an “illegal human being for God.”

P:         We the people acknowledge that Jesus abides in us, in all creation and in all humanity.

L:         Jesus commands us to love one another as He loves us; we must love the immigrant in our midst for he/she is created in the image of God.

P:         We the people acknowledge that we are called to love others as our selves therefore the immigrant is to be loved by us as God loves us.

L:         Jesus reminds us that when we bear fruit and extend our branches in love to the least of these we are glorifying God.

P:         We the people understand the love of God is greater than we can imagine and more powerful than we can comprehend.

L:         Jesus calls us to abide in him, to be a friend and to be true disciples of the message of love offered for all humanity.

All:         Let us be mindful of each other’s stories, let us celebrate each other’s heritage, and let us not disregard any of God’s creation for we are all valuable and worthy of receiving     the love of Jesus Christ.  Because God so loved the world that God gave us Jesus  so that whosoever believeth in Jesus will not perish but have everlasting life.  Amen!

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