A Prayer for Immigrant Rights Sunday

A Prayer for Immigrant Rights Sunday

God we come before you today to praise your Holy Name.

We give thanks for the abundance of your grace in our lives.

We celebrate your creation and honor your presence in all of us. 

We also come with our attitudes, our opinions and our misconceptions of the other, forgive us Oh God.

Help us to be kinder, loving and merciful to those who are hurting and rejected in our society. 

We lift up all the immigrants in our country and ask your protection upon them as they sojourn in our midst. 

We ask that you teach us to respond in a just and compassionate manner to the needs of all our brothers and sisters in the journey. 

We ask that you invoke in us a sense of urgency for transforming our world into a place that is safe and humane for all people.

We humbly ask your guidance, your grace and your light as we seek to be people that follow the ways of the master and teacher Jesus the Christ. 

We ask these things in the name of One who has come to offer us forgiveness, salvation and abundant grace so that we may be the people you have called to love and embrace the diversity of your world.  Amen