Internet Resources on Raids and Rights

Internet Resources on Raids and Rights

Articles and Resources on Raids and Immigrant Rights

“How to be prepared for an Immigration Raid” (info for immigrants, advocates, leaders)

“Know your rights at home and at work”   (VERY important)

“Pre-Raid community safety plan” 

“Community raid preparedness checklist” 

“From Raids to Deportation: A Community Resource Kit”
(17 pages, in English and Spanish, very clear, step by step guide) 

How to respond to workplace raids in some detail

“Rights during immigration raids” 

“What to do if you’re arrested or detained”

“Protecting yourself against immigration enforcement”

Know your rights -- regarding the rights of immigrants (if stopped while driving, police come to your home, etc)  

An immigrants’ rights newsletter that comes out periodically with new info and responses to things that are happening