No Longer Strangers

No Longer Strangers

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No Longer Strangers: The Practice of Radical Hospitality is a new book by by UCC pastor Rev. Wendy J. Taylor with with Margaret Kimball Cross. It explores the lonely and difficult lives of migrant farm workers in Northern California and follows one woman’s compassionate response to their plight.

It started simply. The pastor stood outside her church and greeted the workers as they came in from the fields. She spoke to them in Spanish and they responded. Soon a bridge was forged. 

This is the true story of a rural community in Northern California who awakened to the migrant farm workers in their community—and chose to embrace them. Led by one extraordinary woman who was bolstered by her deep and abiding faith, the community offered “radical hospitality” to the strangers in its midst. And in doing so, they discovered an important truth—that our common humanity binds us all.

UCC pastor and author Rev. Wendy J. Taylor is the founder of Puente de la Costa Sur community service agency in Pescadero, CA. Rev. Taylor welcomes the opportunity to share with interested audiences the experiences—and the human face—of migrant farm workers in Northern California.  To inquire about a speaking engagement, please contact Rev. Taylor

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