Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Legislation


What you can do:

Volunteer in Arizona

Participate in Arizona Freedom Summer 

In April, Arizona passed new legislation governing immigrants, legislation that the UCC's Southwest Conference calls "the harshest anti-immigrant legislation in the country...that codifies racial profiling and creates an atmosphere of suspicion, hatred, and scapegoating of immigrants and U.S. Citizens."

The UCC's Southwest Conference (Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, TX) happened to be in the midst of their 2010 annual meeting when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 into law. The Conference responded by:

Rev. John Dorhauer, Conference Minister of the Southwest Conference, speaks about SB1070.

Also see the story from UC News about the response of the Southwest Conference to the new Arizona law. On May 29, 2010, UCC members joined many others to march in opposition to the new legislation. 

Read the commentary from Linda Jaramillo, Executive Minister of Justice and Witness Ministries, about her visit to Arizona in late June with the UCC's General Minister and President Geoffrey Black.




Check out the Southwest Conference website

Stand for Justice
Act Now to Oppose the Arizona law

  • Volunteer in Arizona

  • Participate in Arizona Freedom Summer

  • Sign the Pledge to oppose the law (whether you live in Arizona or elsewhere)

  • Sign an open letter from people of faith asking for comprehensive immigration reform, sponsored by Interfaith Worker Justice 

  • In a growing number of states (over 20 at last count) legislatures are considering legislation similar to that passed in Arizona. Educate others and work to block this legislation. More info. 

  • Send a letter to the editor of your local paper opposing Arizona-like legislation in your state. An online "toolkit" from the Friends Committee on National Legislation (the "Quakers") gives tips, sample letters, and a sample "mission moment" for a Sunday worship service.

Personal stories of people impacted by the new law contributed by the Southwest Conference

NEW Birthright citizenship is challenged. Some legislators in Arizona are now considering legislation to deny citizenship to babies they call "anchor babies," children born in the state to undocumented parents. Read more.

The UCC's Colleguim of Officers and Conference Ministers applaud the July 28, 2010, federal court ruling on SB1070. Read about the statement in UC News

Statements of support from around the UCC for the Southwest Confernce's opposition to Arizona law SB1070

Other voices of faith speak to the Arizona law.

Let's Talk About Family -- JWM Executive Minister Rev. Linda Jaramillo's presentation at a Columbus, OH, rally

Additional information about the Arizona law

Block Arizona-like legislation now being considered in over 20 other states

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